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Welcome to RSS-NET wiki!

This wiki hosts documentations of RSS-NET software. If you have any question or suggestion about RSS-NET, please feel free to create a new issue and/or send an email to xiangzhu[at]

The RSS-NET methodology and its application to 38 gene regulatory networks and 18 human complex traits are described in the following article:

Zhu, X., Duren, Z. & Wong, W.H. Modeling regulatory network topology improves genome-wide analyses of complex human traits. Nat Commun 12, 2851 (2021).

All 38 gene regulatory networks used in this study are freely available at suwonglab/rss-net/data.

The full RSS-NET analysis results of 38 networks and 18 traits are freely available at the xiangzhu/rss-net-results.

If you find the analysis results, the pre-processed network files, the statistical methods, and/or the open-source software useful for your work, please kindly cite the research article listed above (Zhu et al, 2021).


This page provides instructions for installing RSS-NET software.


This page gives the following end-to-end examples of using RSS-NET methods and software.

  1. RSS-NET analysis of two synthetic datasets

  2. RSS-NET analysis of a real-world dataset

These examples are based on simulation studies and data analyses reported in Zhu et al (2021).


This page outlines functions and scripts associated with RSS-NET methods.

Icons used in this wiki are credited to the Noun Project. This wiki is created using workflowr.